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Elijah's Bar Mitzvah

For my Bar Mitzvah, I would like my friends and family to give to a charity instead of buying me presents. This year I found out about Berry Street. They help kids in foster care. When kids have to go into foster care, it means they can't live at home and need to live with other adults who look after them. Please give gifts to help these children.

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Thank you everyone!

- Elijah

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Choose from the gifts below to help support children in need. Starred gifts have been specially selected as wish list items.

child smiling laying on a bed

A room of their own: Bedroom decorations

young girl sleeping in bed

Sleep in style: Bedsheet sets

girl lying under blanket

Feeling safe: Security blanket

boy riding a bike

Learn to ride: Kid's bike

young boy smiling holding a stress ball

Stay calm: Stress balls

two girls reading books

Cultural connection: Children's book sets

kids in dressing gown standing at bathtub

Cosy Comfort: Dressing gown & slippers

young girl sitting in bedroom

Bedroom bundle: Full bedroom package

boy playing with putty

Focus: Therapeutic putty

young boy drawing

Get creative: Art & craft supplies

baby boy sitting with teddy

Sweet dreams: PJs & a soft toy

young girl playing on a playground

Healing play: Play equipment

young boy sitting on a rocking chair

In motion: Rocking chair