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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions are outlined below. For any other enquiries, please contact us.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for my donation?

Yes all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and a receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your transaction. 

How can I purchase a gift on behalf of a family member or loved one?

If you’re purchasing a gift on behalf of a family member or loved one, you can send them a personalised email or a gift card that you can print at home. You can also choose which image you would like on the card.

How will my gift change lives?

When you buy a gift through our online gift catalogue, you are helping a child to thrive. Whether you gift a teddy bear, a bed or a coat, you are helping us continue our important work supporting children, young people and families recover from the effects of violence, abuse and neglect.

The gift items featured in the catalogue represent typical items that children in our care may need and receive, as all children’s needs are different. This means your donation will be used to best meet the specific needs of the children and young people we care for. When you buy a gift you are helping support Berry Street’s programs and services. Find out more about our work.

Can I donate physical items instead of buying a gift online?

Although we understand the generosity and intention of many of our supporters in offering physical items, we don’t accept physical gifts. We want to make sure that every child in our care receives exactly what they wish for. Purchasing gifts online means our staff, foster carers and kinship carers can buy gifts for children that match their specific needs and wishes, for example the right item, colour and size.

Unfortunately, we're unable to take second hand goods because we don't have the resources for the required safety checks, cleaning and storage.

What does Berry Street do?

Berry Street is one of Australia’s largest independent child and family services organisations, protecting children for over 140 years.

In the last financial year, we supported over 40,000 vulnerable children and families who have suffered from abuse, neglect and violence. We believe that children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful.

Find out more about our work