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A Fresh Start: Household Essentials

A Fresh Start: Household Essentials


When fleeing family violence, mothers and their children usually have to leave everything behind, and are left to rebuild their lives with virtually nothing. Starting again without the basic essentials is overwhelming and can add to feelings of isolation and despair.

Help give women and children fleeing family violence a new start, with a gift of essentials to set up a new, safe home.

Berry Street will give a gift on your behalf to a child, young person or parent/carer in need.

You can give a gift yourself, or on behalf of your loved ones. You can let others know of the gift via a personalised e-card, or through a personalised card you can print at home.

To purchase this gift on behalf of a loved one, choose a card option below:

  • No card
  • Email card
  • Print your own card