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Passion for The Arts: Music or Dance Lessons

Passion for the Arts: Music or Dance Lessons


Young people in foster, residential or kinship care are often unable to access extra curricular lessons to pursue their passions. Many also struggle in school as a result of trauma and abuse. 

For those with a passion for music or dance, an opportunity to access lessons can provide a healthy outlet to build confidence, re-engage in learning  and provide a sense of achievement.

Encourage a child or young person impacted by violence and abuse to pursue their passion, by giving a term of music or dance lessons.

Berry Street will give a gift on your behalf to a child, young person or parent/carer in need.

You can give a gift yourself, or on behalf of your loved ones. You can let others know of the gift via a personalised e-card, or through a personalised card you can print at home.

To purchase this gift on behalf of a loved one, choose a card option below:

  • No card
  • Email card
  • Print your own card