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a girl opening a present

Something from Santa: A Personalised Gift

Most Needed

For children coming into care, Christmas can be an emotional time. Seeing the excitement of children around them and on TV can be a reminder of what sets them apart from their peers and of all the things they've missed out on. 

For some children, a Christmas present from Berry Street will be the first they've ever received. 

Give a child a personalised gift from Santa and help give hope this Christmas. 

To find out more about how this gift will give hope this Christmas, go to How it Works.

Share the gift of giving

You can choose to give a gift on behalf of a friend or loved one, and let them know through a personalised email or a printable gift card.

To purchase this gift on behalf of a loved one, choose a card option below:

  • No card
  • Email card
  • Print your own card