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We're proud to support Berry Street's Christmas Gift Appeal

ABC Radio Melbourne and Victoria are helping to deliver Christmas wishes for children and young people in need.

This Christmas, Berry Street needs to provide thousands of gifts for the children and young people in their care, many of whom have never experienced the joy of Christmas. Your gifts will help to bring some joy into the lives of children that can’t live at home safely.

Join us and provide Christmas wishes for those who might otherwise be forgotten.

ABC Radio Melbourne and Victoria

Your gifts help families

Berry Street needs to provide gifts to the children and young people in our care, many of whom have never experienced the joy of Christmas. A special Christmas gift sends a message that someone cares. Please give a Christmas wish to a vulnerable child.

Sweet Dreams, Pyjamas and a Blanket

Sweet Dreams: Pyjamas and Blanket

Ready for School, Lunchbox and Drink Bottle

Ready for School: Lunchbox and Drink Bottle

Something from Santa, A Personalised Gift

Something from Santa: A Personalised Gift

A Sporting Chance, Sports Equipment

A Sporting Chance: Sports Equipment

Great Outdoors, Wilderness Camp

Great Outdoors: Wilderness Camp

Make Your Mark, Creative Classes

Make Your Mark: Creative Classes

Something to Cuddle, A Soft Toy

Something to Cuddle: A Soft Toy

Once in a Lifetime, Holiday

Once in a Lifetime: Holiday

Music Maestro, One-on-one tuition

Music Maestro: One-on-one Tuition

Ready to Learn, Stationery and Books

Ready to Learn: Stationery and Books

Theatre of Dreams, Event Tickets

Theatre of Dreams: Event Tickets

Baby Basket, Newborn Essentials

Baby Basket: Newborn Essentials

Dance up a Storm, Dance Lessons

Dance up a Storm: Dance Lessons

Silver Screen, Movie Tickets

Silver Screen: Movie Tickets

Full Pantry, Essential Groceries

Full Pantry: A Christmas Hamper

Ready to Work, Pathways to Education

Ready to Work: Pathways to Education

A Fresh Start, Household Essentials

A Fresh Start: Household Essentials

Young bookworm, a Children's book

Young Bookworm: A Children's Book

A Chance to Celebrate, Birthday Party

A Chance to Celebrate: Birthday Party

Creative Expression, Arts and Craft Supplies

Creative Expression: Arts and Craft Supplies

Revive and Rejuvenate, Break for a Carer

Revive and Rejuvenate: Break for a Carer

Go for Goal, Sports Coaching

Go for Goal: Sports Coaching

Shopping Experience, A gift card

Shopping Experience: A gift card

Brains Trust, Private Tutoring for a Term

Brains Trust: Private Tutoring for a Term