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baby boy sitting with a teddy bear

Give a Christmas gift to a child in need

young girl holding a teddy bear

Thousands of Victorian children can’t live safely at home because of violence, abuse and neglect. Thousands more children are expected to enter out-of-home care over the next few years. The residual effects of COVID-19 and increases in cost-of-living are making tough situations even tougher. We’re facing the most challenging time yet.

The most vulnerable children, young people and families are the ones who are affected the most. So many of the children who come into Berry Street’s care have never experienced a happy Christmas. In fact, Christmas Day can be one of the scariest days of the year for them, when family violence flares up.

Your support is urgently needed to help Victoria’s most vulnerable children and young people experience the magic of Christmas. Buy a gift today and bring joy to a child in need.

What to buy

Most needed gifts

baby boy sitting with teddy

Festive Comfort: Pyjamas and a Soft Toy

baby wrapped in a blanket

Safe and Snug: Baby Blanket

baby boy opening up a present

Special Surprise: Children's Hamper

children unwrapping gifts

Christmas Memories: Bundle of Joy

young boy sitting on a window ledge

Who are we?

Established over 140 years ago, Berry Street is one of Australia’s largest independent family service organisations. We support thousands of children and young people in out-of-home care and with specialist services to help them recover from the effects of trauma. Each year, we give Christmas hope to those in our care to make them feel special and loved.

The gifts in our online catalogue are examples of popular items and experiences that children and young people in our care wish for at Christmas. Your generous donation allows our dedicated staff and carers to buy the perfect Christmas present for the children in their care.

Whether you’re buying gifts in lieu for Kris Kringle, donating on behalf of your family or because, after another difficult year, it feels more important than ever to spread festive joy – know that buying a gift will help give hope to children and young people in need this Christmas.

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How it works

Step 1

Choose a gift from our catalogue.

Step 2

Add the gift to your basket. If this is on behalf of a friend or loved one, you can send them a personalised email or print them a card.

Step 3

Purchase your gifts.

Step 4

Your gift will help give a child hope this Christmas.