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Berry Street Gifts

Gifts for children in need

Buy a gift for a child who can't live safely at home.

Berry Street needs to provide safe homes to an increasing number of children who have experienced trauma and abuse.  Most of these children are coming into foster care having experienced abuse, violence and neglect.

Many arrive at their new foster homes with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. They can feel scared and very alone.

A gift can help children ease into care, and send a powerful message that they are cared for. 

Give a special gift to a child in need.

Christmas Gift Appeal
The gift of giving

Help give children like Amy a sense of belonging and comfort

Amy* arrived on her foster carer’s doorstep with only a plastic bag and a few possessions. Amy’s foster carer, Mary, soon found out that this little girl had never slept in a made bed or been taught how to use a knife and fork. She could barely write her own name and her teeth had so many cavities that it hurt for her to eat.

New pyjamas and a blanket from Berry Street helped Amy overcome the overwhelming emotions of the day. 

“It must have been such a long time since she’d been given anything new, and entirely her own. It was hard not to cry, seeing what a big deal it was for her to be in clean, new pyjamas,” said Amy’s foster carer. 

For children who have missed out on so much, a special gift at a distressing time can help provide comfort to children like Amy.

What to buy

Our most needed gifts


Something from Santa

Something Special: A Personalised Gift

Sweet Dreams: Pyjamas and a Blanket

Sweet Dreams: Pyjamas and a Blanket

Something to Cuddle: A Soft Toy

Something to Cuddle: A Soft Toy

A Fresh Start: Household Essentials

Ready for School: Lunchbox and Drink Bottle

How it works

Your gift will make a positive impact on a vulnerable child.

Step 1

Choose a gift from our catalogue.

Step 2

Choose whether you’d like to purchase the gift from yourself, or on behalf of someone else. You can let others know of the gift via a personalised e-card, or through a personalised card you can print at home.

Step 3

Purchase your gifts.

Step 4

Your gift will help a child in need and help us continue our important work with children, young people and families.

Berry Street. Protecting Victorian Children for over 140 Years

Our work started back in 1877, with the Berry Street Babies’ Home – a place of refuge for abandoned children. 

Berry Street has grown into one of Australia’s larger independent child and family services organisation. 

Last year we helped nearly 20,000 vulnerable children and families who have suffered from abuse, neglect and violence. We continue to help those who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse.

About Berry Street

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my gift change lives?

Your donation will help us continue our important work supporting children, young people and families recover from the effects of violence, abuse and neglect.

For example, when you buy a teddy bear, you are helping us support a child recovering from the effects of trauma. For more information about Berry Street and our programs and services, visit

Will I receive at tax deductible receipt for my donation?

Yes all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and a receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your transaction. 

How does the Berry Street online gift catalogue work?

Step 1 - Choose a gift from our catalogue.
Step 2 - Choose whether to give a gift yourself or on behalf of a friend or loved one. You can let them know through a personalised email or printable gift card.
Step 3 - Purchase your gifts.
Step 4 -Your gift will help a child in need and help us continue our important work with vulnerable children and young people.