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Show a vulnerable child in Victoria how much you care, with a gift just for them.

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Invite your loved ones to buy Gifts From The Heart, to celebrate a big occasion.

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How it works

Gifts From The Heart are all essential items used by children and young people in our out-of-home care programs, including foster, kinship and residential care. When you buy a gift, the money will go towards something a child really needs. Whatever that something happens to be, it will make them feel truly loved.

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How it works

What better way of celebrating a big occasion, than making vulnerable children feel special? Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary, simply set up your own fundraiser and invite your loved ones to give Gifts From The Heart.

Share that loving feeling

Looking to celebrate a big occasion, like a birthday or anniversary? Why not set up your own fundraiser? Instead of getting presents you don’t want or need, invite your loved ones to give Gifts From The Heart – in your honour.

Start a fundraiser

As a parent, I couldn’t bear to think of kids growing up without any affection. I give Gifts From The Heart to bring some love into their lives.

Berry Street supporter

Transforming young lives with love

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For 140 years, with the help of our supporters, Berry Street has been making sure children in Victoria are safe, hopeful and thriving.

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In 2022 alone, we provided 1,114 children with loving homes and got them the specialist support they needed to recover from trauma.

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We also gave 2,615 children access to trauma-informed education services, including across the four campuses of our very own Berry Street School.