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boy smiling riding a bike

Help kids in our Teaching Family Model homes

They need special items to heal and thrive

young girl smiling in bedroom

Report after report has shown that many children in residential care are not getting the intensive support they need, damaging their chances of a healthy, happy future.

That's why Berry Street is committed to the Teaching Family Model which is:

  • a new way of helping children recover from the trauma they have experienced

  • the only evidence-based model of residential care for children worldwide.

Help us buy some of the items most needed by children and young people in our Teaching Family Model homes so they can start to heal and thrive.

What to buy

Most needed gifts

child smiling laying on a bed

A room of their own: Bedroom decorations

young girl sleeping in bed

Sleep in style: Bedsheet sets

girl lying under blanket

Feeling safe: Security blanket

boy riding a bike

Learn to ride: Kid's bike

young boy sitting on a rocking chair

Help children like Albie*

Alone in a locked room, little Albie had no one. No love. No ready access to food, water, or even a bathroom. No school. No friends. The only person who ever opened the door was violent and abusive. His future was bleak.

Albie is safe now and, with help from our generous supporters, we’re planning to place Albie in a Teaching Family Model home where he’ll get round-the-clock specialist support.

But he’ll need some special items when he arrives. And the children like Albie already in our Teaching Family Model homes – who’ve also experienced terrible abuse and neglect - do too. These items will help them recover and look to a brighter future.

Names have been changed in the interest of privacy. Photos posed by models.

How it works

Your gift will help children recovering from trauma heal and thrive

Step 1

Choose a gift from our catalogue.

Step 2

Add the gift to your basket. If this is on behalf of a friend or loved one, you can send them a personalised email or print them a card.

Step 3

Purchase your gifts.

Step 4

Your gift will help give a child in our Teaching Family Model home.