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How it Works

Berry Street is committed to the Teaching Family Model – a new way of helping children recover from the trauma they have experienced, and the only evidence-based model of residential care for children worldwide.

When children and young people are placed in a Teaching Family Model home, they’re finally safe but it can be a scary and anxious time. They have complex needs and some special items can help them to recover from their traumatic past.

The gifts in our catalogue are examples of the special items that children in our Teaching Family Model homes need to start to heal and thrive into a brighter future.

Your donation will be used by our Teaching Family Model carers to buy exactly the right item to best meet each children’s needs over the next twelve months.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and you’ll be emailed a receipt once you complete your purchase.

Names have been changed in the interest of privacy. Photos posed by models.

How to buy a gift

Step 1

Choose a gift from our catalogue.

Step 2

Add the gift to your basket. If this is on behalf of a friend or loved one, you can send them a personalised email or print them a card.

Step 3

Purchase your gifts.

Step 4

Your gift will help a child in our Teaching Family Model home.

How to set up your Celebration Fundraiser

Make your special occasion even more memorable by fundraising for Berry Street!

For your birthday, wedding or other celebration, ask your friends and family to buy gifts online through our gift catalogue instead of giving you presents.

First, start your fundraiser by creating your celebration page. This includes a celebration image of your choosing (eg. your photo, balloons, cake) and a wish list of gifts you’d like to highlight. For extra motivation, you can even set a gift target.

Next, share your page to inspire donations and support. Make sure to check your page throughout your fundraiser to see messages from friends and family.

Every gift given will help us continue our important work supporting children, young people and families to be safe, thriving and hopeful.

Start your Celebration Fundraiser

Get in touch

We are always happy to hear from you! Please call us on 1800 237 797 or email if you have any questions.

About Berry Street

Berry Street is one of Australia’s largest independent child and family services organisations, protecting children for over 140 years. In the last financial year, we supported over 40,000 vulnerable children and families who have suffered from abuse, neglect and violence.

Vist Berry Street's website for more information about our programs and services.



Berry Street is a Tax Concession Charity and all gift orders over $2 are tax deductible. 

We are investing heavily in our regular giving program in order to support the delivery of services to ever-increasing numbers of children and young people. In 2019/20, 47% of donations received by Berry Street is distributed to beneficiaries. Every dollar we spend on our regular giving program this year will return $3 over the next five years.