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From your heart to theirs

Gifts From The Heart are all essential items needed by children and young people in foster, kinship and residential care programs. But every child is unique – with different experiences and wishes.

So when you buy a Gift From The Heart, the money will go towards something a child really needs and wants.

Their carer may buy a puzzle instead of a soft toy, for example, if that’s what the child has set their heart on.

When the child receives the item, whatever it happens to be, they will feel like someone truly cares about them. And that someone will be you.

Buy a gift

Gifts From The Heart are all essential items used in our out-of-home care programs. When you buy a gift, the money will go towards something a child really needs. Whatever that something happens to be, it will make them feel truly loved.

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Pick out a gift or two

Our catalogue has everything from soft toys to books, so you can shop to your heart’s content.

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Add a card (if you like)

You can ‘gift’ your purchase to a loved one and choose a beautiful e-card for them to receive.

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Give from the heart

It’s as simple as that. Your gift will have a lasting, loving impact on a vulnerable child.

Start a fundraiser

What better way of celebrating a big occasion, than making vulnerable children feel special? Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary, simply set up your own fundraiser and invite your loved ones to give Gifts From The Heart.


Pick a date

Choose the occasion to celebrate, while having a loving, lasting impact on vulnerable children.


Set up your fundraiser

Create a fundraising page online, with a personalised gift catalogue. We will help you all the way.

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Spread the love

Share your page, then watch the loving gifts and messages come in from family and friends.

Learn more about how Gifts from the Heart works.