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Gifts From The Heart are all essential items needed by children in our out-of-home care programs. When you buy a Gift From The Heart, you’re making a tax deductible donation that can go towards purchasing those items.

The precise items will be chosen by our staff, foster carers and kinship carers, based on children’s individual needs. We may buy a puzzle instead of a soft toy, for example, if that’s what a child has set their heart on.

By buying a Gift From The Heart, you can help vulnerable children get the items they really need. Whatever those items happen to be, you'll make them feel truly loved.

Should we raise more funds than needed for essential items, your donation will go towards our other vital programs – like supporting children to recover from trauma or working with families impacted by family violence.

You can be assured that your donation will be carefully spent – to have the greatest possible impact on vulnerable children and make sure they are safe, hopeful and thriving.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. When you finish your purchase, we will email you a tax receipt.